List of Reliable Taxi Companies in Ha Noi(Updated 2019)

There are three of things that you have to wonder when you explore a new place: Place, Food and Transfer. It is the same with Ha Noi Old Quarter. There have a lot of Taxi Company in Ha Noi so you must be confuse which one have good service but cheap price. Below is the List of Reliable Taxi Company in Ha Noi

1. Mai Linh Taxi

More expensive than the rest one but still be the first in the list because of the reputation for their quality. Mai Linh Taxi are available any time you want in The Old Town.

Color: Green


Open: VND 5000/ 0.3KM

VND 16,600/ 0.4KM~2KM

VND 12,300/ 2KM~10KM

Hotline: (024) 35 518 1111
Mai Linh Taxi
Mai Linh Taxi

2. Group Taxi

The 2nd in the list is Group Taxi. White color quite friendly with customers, also the price is not too expensive            and easy way for 7 seats car. 

Color: White, Blue & Red


Open: VND 10,000/ 0.3KM

VND 14,800/ 0.4KM~25KM

VND 11,600/ 26KM onwards

Hotline : (024) 38 535 353
Taxi Group Eco
Taxi Group

3. Thanh Cong Taxi

Not spend money for advertisement, Thanh Cong taxi extent their market by cheap price strategy and good service. Even if the quality is lower than the others, this company is still be famous in Ha Noi Old Quarter.

Color: White(or Silver), Blue & Yellow


Open: VND 6,000/ 0.3KM

VND 11,000/ 0.4KM~20KM

VND  9,000/ 21KM onwards

Hotline: (024) 3 575 757

Thanh Cong Taxi
Thanh Cong Taxi


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